Under the Ground

UNDER THE GROUND is an artistic research project with teenagers by performance artist Eva Meyer-Keller in collaboration with the Floating University Berlin. As part of the Kids University, teenagers aged 13-16 were given the opportunity to explore the grounds of the Tempelhofer Feld rain catchment basin together with the artist and present their material as part of a performance.

Eva Meyer-Keller's work focuses on the natural sciences. On this occasion she takes us underground, where she traces the microscopic processes in mud and water. The ground beneath our feet seems silent and ubiquitous at first. It supports us and yet it is actually so much more. Its dark habitat is home to microorganisms busily decomposing material in complex cycles of utility. It is a place of transformation, growth and the emergence of new life. Puberty is also marked by transformations that to a large extent take place in secret. The preoccupation with the soil and the transformations in it serve as the opportunity to talk about changes in our daily lives from different perspectives: from that of a single-celled microalgae to those of us humans. In this project as in the earth’s mass: everyone and everything meets and reacts with one another.


Eva Meyer-Keller

Sayed, Kaan, Phil, Tamim, Adahan, Nana, Rayan, Sahraa, Sarah, Saliha, Beyda, Aleks, Mustafa, Dilan, Jerome, Havin, Tarek, Ere, Omer, Myren, Janus, Sepsis, Ebru, Kurdelen, Vy, Kajsa, Leni, Muntez, Mustak, Ilham, Dido

Agata Siniarska, Emilia Schlosser, David Reuter von der FRI-XBERG Jugendkunstschule Berlin

Floating University Berlin, Giulia Messia




Floating University

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