Resa Lab

RESA LAB was a gathering of eight artists living in different places in Europe, that have been working in the performing arts field for many years. I was interested in how each of us personally and the respective work in the field had developed over all the years. This meeting was a possibility to revisit and reformulate our trajectories by sharing them with each other. We gathered around concerns that feel particularly urgent in each of our lives/practices. We shared time, space, meals, experiences, urgencies, practices, strategies, methods and knowledges with each other. Ilya and I were initially responsible for the encounter/lab, but all eight of us were hosts and guests of each other during those four days.


Anna Efraimsson (SE) Uta Eisenreich (NL) Cuqui Jerez (ES) Kate McIntosh (BE/NZL) Eva Meyer-Keller (DE) Ivana Müller (FR) Ilya Noé (DE) Tina Tarpgaard (DK)




Dansehallerne, Lærkehuset, Nykøbing S. (DK)

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