Fungal Safari

This presentation was based on a fragmentary diary with segments of conversation which Kate McIntosh and Eva Meyer-Keller conducted over two weeks surrounded by mushrooms in the former boiler house of the Uferstudios in Wedding in Berlin. The conversations are inspired by mycorrhiza, a mycelium that connects 95% of all plants in an informational network. These are supplemented in Fungal Safari with practical demonstrations.
With Fungal Safari, Kate McIntosh and Eva Meyer-Keller renew a conversational practice they began in 2008 with De-Place. They proceed from speech to action, from thought to play and initiate an alternating game of inspiration, curiosity, provocation, doubt, politics and humour, until a dubious shared knowledge blossoms from the spores of the twists and turns of intuitive mental leaps, raising its head like an independent creature...

Some days later Frantsek told us that the roots of plants are fascinated by the dark – they dig and search for darkness, like very sensitive blind fingers. (A bit how our conversations were, finding their way)
We were fascinated by things that grow in the darkness.
Eva thought about darkness as a place for the unseen.
She wondered what qualities lie in the darkness.
How do experiences that we have in the dark affect experiences that we have in the light?


Eva Meyer-Keller, Kate McIntosh




MYKORRHIZA: An Apparatus, Uferstudios Berlin, Berlin (DE)

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