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Language and Livelihood

by Eva Meyer-Keller, p.3-7

a personal introduction

Move Work Think Learn Meet

by Johanna Withelm, p. 8-11

This text sees itself as an outside eye, an outer perspective and an accompanying reflection on the texts assembled here.

Space for Allowance

p. 16-37

Anna Efraimsson, Uta Eisenreich, Cuqui Jerez, Kate McIntosh, Eva Meyer-Keller, Ivana Müller, Ilya Noé, Tina Tarpgaard

a transcript from a conversation held in 2019


Cuqui Jerez and Eva Meyer-Keller, p. 38-43

The following text is a conversation conducted via voice messaging. The game is simple: for the duration of one hour, one person records questions while the other person listens and records answers. After an hour, the roles are reversed.

Shared Room

Agata Siniarska, p. 44-45

This text would never have been written if it weren’t for Ania, Eva, Julia, Zuza and the shared rooms we built and build together.

Interviews with

Yvonne Zindel “Aging is an illusion” p. 48-49

Lina Majdalanie “I’m not an activist. I question things.” p. 51-56

Simone Graf “Embroidery, the garden, and the numbers” p. 56-59

Sara Wendt “I am a social animal” p. 59-61

Ginan Seidl “Because as a kid I loved to tell stories” p. 61-63

Irina Müller “How can we change as human beings from our p. 63-67

unconscious patterns to conscious ones?”

Reach Out III

Bettina Knaup, p.68-69

Katrin Hahner, Eva Meyer Keller, Bettina Knaup, Gaby Luong, Anne Quiyrynen,

Working With Women

William Locke Wheeler, p.72-78

Related Projects

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