Pulling Strings | video

Pulling Strings is a work that has been realised as a choreography for a space, a theatre performance, a site-specific installation and a video piece. The movement of the found objects in a specific place starts to produce a meticulous portrait of that space.
It starts with an inventory and the invitation to the audience to observe the space and the objects, dimensions and functions it has in detail - close up, from afar, from above, below, underneath, on top. A choreography emerges in which large objects such as trees, tables, lamps, as well as small things like pens, glasses, tea bags are mobilised in both senses of the word. Not only tangible things are used, immaterial factors like sounds, smells or volatile substances such as smoke all play a role. The process of performative string pulling changes the perception of a place and its physicality by opening new perspectives on the familiar and known.

In the video piece Pulling Strings, everyday objects occupy the centre of the camera's lens. Two blankets animate into life, sliding slowly one after the other from the bed, leaving behind a sheet that moves up and down by itself, looking as if it is breathing. In the bathroom the tap turns on and water flows into the basin where the shower gel and shampoo bottles organise a bubble bath. Clothes get out of the washing machine, cosmetics jump out of the toiletries bag while the saucepan lids, muffin trays and storage jars dance in the kitchen. The sewing box opens in order to allow the pin cushions and cotton reels to perform an elaborate choreography as the stuffed toys in the children's bedroom fly off the shelves. After the cutlery and glasses have made their appearance, it is the turn of the spinning red wine glasses to empty their contents over the white tablecloth in the dining rooom.


Eva Meyer-Keller

Eva Meyer-Keller, Irina Müller, Sybille Müller

Andrea Keiz

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