Pondering Perspectives

In PONDERING PERSPECTIVES Eva Meyer-Keller reflects on her own work practice and presents excerpts from previous works in the format of a lecture with performative elements. She was the first artist to be invited to the "Physical Poetics" series at the Erg School of Art in Brussels, where she entered into an exchange with natural scientists. The dialogue between artistic and scientific research gave rise to questions about her own work, which the lecture explores. In Eva Meyer-Keller's works everyday objects, are often the main protagonists, and thus her questioning is always also of the world of objects that surrounds us and of the bodies in it. What is an object? Is it functional? Does it have agency? Do things have a social life? What is perception? How do we perceive? Is a model an object? Is a model produced through, with and by bodies?


Eva Meyer-Keller

Rico Repotente

Ilya Noé, Sharon Smith, Constanze Schellow


PONDERING PERSPEKTIVES - Performance lecture with Ilya Noé


Choreography in Action, Dansehallerne, Copenhagen (DK)

VORGESTELLTE WIRKLICHKEITEN – Wie Kunst und Wissenschaften die Welt erkennen. Blockseminar zusammen mit Dr. Sibylle Anderl, im Rahmen der Fokuswoche "Was ist Wirklichkeit".


Studium Generale, UdK, Berlin (D)

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