Kitchen Rec

Five dancers move through a spatial landscape inhabited by strange looking, tube shaped, ceiling high crocheted organisms. They follow a minimalist choreography of an unchanging repertory of repeating gestures and movements, mostly for themselves, next to one another. Gradually they get closer together in order to depart from the group once again. Spatial structures are made visible and are blurred at the same time as when the edge of the stage is moved to the centre and then made porous once again by with crossings.
In the emergence and disappearance of the movements and patterns and in the juxtaposition of the human body with the anatomy of the crocheted figures, a topology of alternate integration and isolation crystallizes that changes imperceptibly. Only when the long, wafting background music pauses is space opened for large, rapid movements which diverge from the strictly applied pathways before. All of this happens with great casualness as if to challenge the audience to find its own focus.


Eva Meyer-Keller

Åsa Cederqvist

Ellen Kilsgard, Martin Butler, Litó Walkey, Nicolas Séro-Guillaume, Erik Pold




DOCK11, Berlin (DE)

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