viereinhalbsaetze - Louise Trueheart

They said the world’s population could fit inside an apple if there were no space between atoms – and I would have believed that everything (all matter) could fit inside this show, or that this show was about and made of everything, if there wasn’t a sense of cynicism to keep me from drowning in the heady wonderland of string theory and the sheer awesomeness of life itself.

Cynicism exposed four people, using their allotted time to fulfill what was undoubtedly a terrific concept proposal, building scientific models with expensive theater equipment and a feminist assemblage of power tools, fresh produce, and kitchenware.

Adrenaline squeezed the performers’ hearts and mine; we all wondered whether they could pull off this theater trick and show us the results of the final experiment until they did. What had been a Neptunian day, for me, turned into one recharged by a renewed belief in the possibility of the magic of theater as the magic of life. The small trails of atoms through a cloud inside a box.

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