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Resa recap

On September 19 and 20, RESA recipient Eva Meyer-Keller together with her research partner and co-labourer Ilya Noé will host a two-evening event during which they will attempt to map the different pathways emerging from Eva’s year-long residency in Dansehallerne’s pilot program. Criss-crossing performance, storytelling, and exchanges with (and between) artistic and scientific researchers, the occasion will largely spiral around the slow, leaky and meandering process of the making of “Living Matters”, the second part of a trilogy of stage works that Eva has been developing in conversation with natural scientists and made viable only thanks to RESA, which will premiere in November 2019.

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RESA recipient

Eva Meyer-Keller

Research partner

Ilya Noé

Special guests for each night


Tamara Saphir, Annegret Schalke, Agata Siniarska, Rico Lee, Constanze Schellow, Sara Wendt


Simone Reber and research team, Jens Hauser