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QUEST (Katrin Hahner, Eva Meyer-Keller, Agata Siniarska, William Locke Wheeler) is a group of affiliated artists (performers, theatermakers, a translator, a musician, a shaman, one mother, 4 careworkers and an elder care nursing assistant) who will meet regularly throughout the year, sharing their practices, opening them up to new questions, perspectives and challenges. Our motto is: “We don’t want to sit and wait for a better tomorrow. The sun will not come out after the storm. We are here and now, floating in a mass of information and problems. We will not wait for the system to change. We will make our own system of support, care, and attention to one another at eye level, creating safe spaces for our growth as artists and the growth of those we care about and for.” QUEST is about being here together to challenge each other and cause artistic headaches, to push when we are lazy, support when we are afraid, hold hands, run together, walk together, and sometimes close our eyes and listen to the pulse of life. It’s probably nothing, it’s probably what a lot of people do. It’s a situation created from our needs – it may seem a very small need, but a QUEST doesn’t measure needs on scales of lesser to greater. It focusus on the journey and the questioning, and it is for our need for questioning and journeying which we want to create time and space.

2022 macht RECONNECT es möglich, sich mit einer festen Bezugsgruppe von Menschen regelmäßig zusammenzufinden. Wir sind Katrin Hahner, Eva Meyer-Keller, Agata Siniarska, William Locke Wheeler, 4 Künstlerinnen, die auf 4 unterschiedlichen Wegen unterwegs sind, und gleichzeitig die Absicht haben, sich in einander zu verfangen. Und wir nennen unseren Austausch QUEST. Wir sind eine Gruppe von Künstlerinnen, eine Übersetzerin, eine Musikerin, eine Schamanin, eine Mutter, vier Fürsorge-Leistende und eine geriatrische Krankenschwester, die sich über das Jahr hinweg regelmäßig treffen um unsere Praktiken zu teilen und sie für neue Fragen, Perspektiven und Provokationen zu öffnen.

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Katrin Hahner, Eva Meyer-Keller, Agata Siniarska, William Locke Wheeler