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An unfolding artist book in 3 volumes and 7 parts (and counting)

LM: M-M-A-E is a paper Petri dish of sorts where Eva Meyer Keller and her partner-in-research Ilya Noé have been culturing material generated by, with, around and alongside “Living Matters”. In it, working notes, studio/lab protocols, excerpts of conversations, journal entries, and a manifold of other kinds of matter(s) and contaminants, are mixed, remixed, and allowed to slowly reproduce and transform. Leakily organised around four research areas (Medium, Material, Apparatus and Experiments) and not meant to be in any way a comprehensive nor conclusive account of things but rather a sample of a still ongoing mitotic process, this “living” document will remain available to further iterations and mutations.

Edition of 200 per part in each volume/sample.

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by Eva Meyer-Keller and Ilya Noé.

In collaboration with Gaby Luong