I’m not that much into physics, I’m into the body moving in space, breathing, coughing, dancing, tumbling, I’m not into physics, I’m into the physical body. And then there’s dancer’s bodies filling apples into nylons, circling, crashing into each other, demanding space, demanding more space as the nylons stretch, and we get the message that the whole population of the earth would be the size of an apple if each atom didn’t need space around itself. Whoa, physics! I‘m not into physics, I’m more into the physical body, and the little movements behind the curtain appear to me like nipples moving behind a tight shirt (is this enticement or my conventionalism?), no, they appear to me like rings circling around stones thrown into water (is this my conventionalism again?), drop, drop. Well, I’m not that much into physics, anyways, we’re at swirling lights, little atoms (as opposed to big ones?) made visible, dry ice, tangling double helixes, all this complicated stuff like bodies, humour, everything.